ASTWOOD MEWS, Kensington, it’s a suitable place for the launch of an extremely exclusive, uber pricey, A-list celebrity constructed bike. With its cobbled road, eye-catching ₤ 1.5 m homes sat on top of fashionable, wood and also glass fronted garages, behind which classic Verandas and Morgans nestle.

Even more down the road, bathed in the radiance of the Kensington Motorcycle Business showroom, a long, reduced, irritable looking cruiser is pressed into setting as a professional photographer’s flash bounces off the milled, aluminium crankcases like there’s a tig-welder still finishing the bike.

From this distance, the bike looks every square inch the embodiment of the performance cruiser that the well-off motorcyclist is yearning. Aggressive rake, squat tail unit, substantial V-Twin engine and those machined key cases that make a Harley-Davidson’s look like standardized tat!

The bike is a called the KRGT-1 as well as it’s powered by a 2032cc, fuel infused, S&S engine. Pressing out around 120hp and also producing around 120Nm of torque, the KRGT-1 is a muscle bike in every sense of words, no traction control, no ABS and no safeguard or biker help.

The building and construction of the bike is what I discovered most interesting, with large use of CNC parts from the front to the back of the bike, it’s like ARC tried additional hard to use machining in position various other suppliers utilize bonded tubes and also ruined panels. To begin with, the bikes sculpted, 2 part gas tank is not pressed steel or hand-hammered aluminium, it’s machined from a solitary block of aluminium. The framework too utilises billet aluminium and tubular steel as a back bone of the bike, with a CNC machined, one-piece subframe and also seat device. The swingarm is hewn from a lump of aluminium, as well as a result of the integral stamina of the item, the swingarm is surprisingly slim in it’s layout, particularly when you take into consideration the dimension of the machine. Every one of this includes in the overall appearance of the bike which is virtually up in arms with the status in the cruiser sector, there’s not an ounce of stylistic fat on the bike, despite all the ornaments it still in some way looks minimal.

I might explain the coating of the bikes at the launch yet it’s sort of meaningless as each ARC that leaves the California factory is bespoke, in both fit and surface. You want hi-rise Renthal bars, you got it, matt completed BST carbon wheels, not a problem. The concept behind it is that you’ll never see two bikes with the very same detailing and specification. Think of it as a manufacturing model.

And while we get on the topic of specification, the components utilized to the make the bike are the things you would certainly grab if Supermarket Sweep happened at Motorbike Live! Ohlins FGRT forks, especially established with the KRGT-1. A totally adjustable Ohlins back shock that’s also made as well as spec ‘d particularly for the bike. Beautifully complex, ISR levers and large, six-piston, billet calipers bite down on floating discs. A dry clutch that connects to a six-speed baker transmission that, you presumed it, is designed and also built specifically for the bike as well as spec needed to the bikers requirements. The quality of the components are normally reserved for the ₤ 30k superbikes but look flawlessly in the house on the KRGT-1.

And what’s the cost of this super-exclusive, custom developed bike I hear you weep ?? Well placed it this way— they aren’t what you would certainly call economical. The bike, built as well as shipped to you in the UK will certainly be ₤ 89,500. Which seems a lot since it is, well it is. However right here’s things. There are individuals in a placement to go down that much money on a bike, there has to be. At the EICMA show the other week you could not move for little batch, bespoke built bike makers wanting to change ₤ 100k bikes. You have Brough, Vector, MV Agusta, Confederate and also Ariel to a point. If individuals weren’t acquiring these devices the business wouldn’t exists.

There’s no question in my mind that if you want a KRGT-1, you’re gon na need to sign up with a relatively long queue.