The wonderfully raw Arch Motorcycle KRGT-1 motorbike from Keanu Reeves and also motorcycle tale Gard Hollinger now gets anti-skid brakes.

Arch Bike, a company co-owned by star Keanu Reeves, is best known for building attractive but entirely raw bikes, developed without biker aids like grip control or antilock brakes. But as any type of modern bike biker will certainly tell you, ABDOMINAL (anti-skid brakes systems) are a godsend, so when it came time to add this safety and security technology to its KRGT-1, Arch wanted to the professionals at Bosch.

Bosch is a popular, extremely concerned design as well as electronic devices company, as well as a significant distributor in the auto space. At Bosch’s test track in Apartment Rock, Michigan, Reeves as well as his co-owner Gard Hollinger were able to work with designers to add ABDOMINAL MUSCLE security tech without altering the raw sensation of the KRGT-1.

The objective was to create a system that wouldn’t step in prematurely or also boldy however would work to avoid lockup, specifically of the front wheel, when challenged with a low-traction surface area.

» I think we could have been under the exact same misconception a lot of individuals have to do with ABDOMINAL MUSCLE, that it in some way detracts from the feeling of the bike and the experience of riding a motorcycle,» Hollinger stated in a video clip launched Monday (above). «What we’ve quickly discovered is that couldn’t be better from the reality.»